A Guide to Architectural Metal Fabrications

Continued Professional Development – A short presentation to help you develop and enhance your knowledge and skill base in terms of architectural fabrications

This CPD looks at the fabrication of aluminium components for non-structural metalwork. It covers how to interpret the drawings and design wishes of architects and how to enhance and improve the performance and visual appearance of facades. It will help you to understand the following topics:

– Understand the manufacturing process for the fabrication of aluminium components

– Understand how design details can be interpreted in aluminium

– Understand the performance and aesthetic benefits of using best grade aluminium

– Understand the wide range of aluminium components which can be specified

– Gives an insight into what is achievable in terms of finishes and 3D options

– Discusses benefits of anodising and PPC finishes

– Our sales team will also answer any other questions you may have on aluminium fabrication.