Creating a buildings unique external façade allows Architects to design an authentic appearance and now with the introduction of the Rockpanel exterior cladding panels it is possible to combine functionality, harmony and expression in a façade design.


Rockpanel boards consist of a number of recycled and natural materials that are sustainable from nature, fire safe, dimensionally stable, weather resistant, easy to work with and very low maintenance.


Building materials should have as little impact as possible on the environment, which is why the core ingredient of the Rockpanel façade cladding, is a volcanic stone called Basalt (or otherwise known as solidified lava). Originating from volcanic eruptions the planet provides enormous quantities of the basalt every year. That means basalt is not only a natural material, but also non-depletable. This makes it a responsible choice, as we’re not exhausting the earth’s valuable resources.


Combining the volcanic rock with other recycled material makes the Rockpanel cladding products naturally firesafe, durable and recyclable. The Rockpanel collection consists of naturally fire resilient boards, of which the premium boards fulfil the highest European fire protection standard and are rated at Euroclass A2-s1, d0, non-combustible. Essentially the panels have been designed to remove the majority of fire risk to building inhabitants.


Ensuring safety is not just about choosing the right materials; it’s so much more than that. The complete design and construction of a building consists of so many factors that all play a part in fire safety. It is therefore essential for architects and contractors to be aware of the risks and interactions between all these factors.


It is estimated that there are almost 3,000 buildings in the UK that require recladding in the wake of the Grenfell disaster. Rockpanel provides the opportunity to challenge creative boundaries for Architects allowing them to enrich their portfolio whilst ensuring compliance to the latest building regulations. This makes Rockpanel the perfect choice for new build or recladding renovation.


With 3 main collections to choose from including the Basic, Design and Nature facades, Rockpanel offers architects the opportunity to encapsulate a fresh high-quality external look, a bold and vibrant colour shade or a building façade that takes inspiration from its natural surroundings.


Panels can also be further enhanced with engraved and perforating designs to create visual effects and play with light and shadows. No aspect of a building’s façade goes unnoticed with the visual appeal of corners and edges integrated into a design and the fixing elements of the Rockpanels not just technical requirement but also embraced as a design element.


Rockpanel boards are made of highly compressed stone wool fibres from the natural material basalt (volcanic rock). The panels are finished with a decorative coating. For the binding of the fibres small amounts of thermosetting resin is used, creating a panel with a low calorific content and very good reaction to fire performance.


All Rockpanel boards are as durable as stone and resistant to the effects of moisture, temperature and the weather. All our Rockpanel products, except for Rockpanel Natural and Rockpanel Ply, are supplied with a water-based coating as standard which also offers very good UV resistance so that the colour is preserved for a long time. ProtectPlus is also available to give additional protection against UV light and graffiti, prolonging the look of the exterior for years to come.

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