We can replicate the natural oxidised appearance of copper cladding patina using our specialist PPC process. We create a striking, contemporary alternative utilising aluminium, which comes with a host of added benefits.


Metalline is at the forefront of aluminium rainscreen cladding and insulated panel production in the UK. Our products are engineered specifically for architectural fabrication.


Coloured cladding panels bring a compelling aesthetic to a building’s facade. When exposed to sulphur and oxide compounds, copper starts to corrode forming a blue/green patina surface.  This natural development of copper is one of the metals unique characteristics and sets it aside from the common cityscape surroundings.


The patina effect is achieved by using a Polyester Powder Coated finish, which imitates the appearance and textures of this natural process.


How is a Natural Copper Patina Achieved?


Patina refers to a chemical process that causes natural discolouration or fading over a period of time.  


The extent of humidity and the level of sulphur-related air pollution have a significant impact on how fast the patina develops.


The first stage of the patination process occurs only a few days after the metal is exposed to the atmosphere and it begins to oxidise. This changes the distinctive “bright” original copper finish to a chestnut brown, which gradually darkens over several years to a chocolate brown.


Eventually, a film of green copper salts will appear on top of the oxide layer. This can take up to twenty years or more. 


This natural evolution of texture and colour requires patience and can be a tedious process if you wish to achieve the desired effect straight away.




We can replicate the natural oxidised appearance of copper patina using our polyester powder coating process. The PPC finish can be applied to a variety of our CWCT certified Unity rainscreen cladding panels and fire rated Ultima aluminium insulated panels.


Our polyester powder coating range includes a wide selection of interesting colours and textures as well as our patina cladding effect, including plain oxide, tile, soft, corten and natural stone cladding.


Why choose Aluminium?


If you want to achieve the stunning visual appearance of a copper patina without the long timeframe and high cost, PPC Aluminium is the perfect alternative.


By using our PPC Patina cladding effect on aluminium panels we can create a facade with increased strength and stability whilst resembling the desired striking visual effect.


In addition to providing a contemporary finish to a facade, our patina cladding effect benefits from the design flexibility and overall versatility of aluminium which makes for an easy cost-effective installation.


For more information on Exterior Patina Effect Cladding or any other of our finishes, then please contact us today on or 01543 456 930.