In the UK alone, it is estimated that there are over 2100 high rise and high risk buildings that have combustible material on their façade.


In the UK alone, it is estimated that there are over 2100 high rise and high risk buildings that have combustible material on their façade. Today, for all new buildings with a storey at least 18 m above ground level, all materials within the external wall should be non-combustible (A1 or A2-s1, d0 to EN 13501-1).


High-rise and high risk buildings which are facing a cladding crises should also be reclad with non-combustible cladding systems. Metalline have over 30 years experience of supplying A1 rated insulated panels to the construction sector.


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Replace combustible cladding with Metalline

Metalline offer a range of A1 and A2-s1, d0 rainscreen cladding and spandrel panel systems in accordance with EN 13501-1 standards. We have gone above any beyond to ensure each significant component meets this requirement as well as conducting a full scale test to BS 8414-2:2020 to assess how our rainscreen system will perform in the event of a fire.


Constructed from A1 non-combustible materials the Ultima Spandrel Panel and Unity Rainscreen Cladding systems can be specified in a range of finishes including anodised natural silver, bronzes from light to dark, black, regency gold 1 & 2 and a specialist Anolok finish in blue-grey and stone grey colours.


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A1 Rated Ultima Spandrel Panels


What are the key features of non-combustible cladding panels?

Non-combustible cladding panels are designed to help prevent fire damage quickly and easily spreading as part of the system. They perform to technical criteria, resist moisture and prevent environmental issues.


Metalline has a wide range of size and finishes for the purpose of fire safety to ensure that your designs do not have to be compromised.Each of our non-combustible panels have a specific design to meet client requests. The use of non-combustible materials throughout our panel manufacture is something we discuss with clients to make sure we are offering the correct product.


Panels are finished in a selection of finishes including a full range of anodised anolok and PPC finishes.


Does my building need Replacement Cladding?

The MHCLG have recently published ‘Supplementary note to Advice Building Owners of Multi-Storey, Multi occupied Residential Buildings’ (November 2020).


It adds a summary note to advice originally published in Jan 2020:


• ACM cladding (and other metal composite material cladding) with unmodified polyethylene filler (cat 3 in screening tests) presents a significant fire hazard on residential buildings at any height with any form of insulation. Action should be taken as soon as possible.


The advice says that owners of any building that has other forms of cladding should consider the risk of external fire spread and need for remediation if that building:


• Is 18m or more in height from the top occupied storey
• Has residents who need significant assistance to evacuate (e.g. care homes or hospitals)
• Does not have, or have provision for adequate risk mitigation, and has been assessed by a suitable competent person as presenting an unacceptable risk to the life safety of residents, people in the proximity of the building, and fire fighters, regardless of the height of the building


The External Wall Fire Review process (EWFR)

The External Wall Fire Review process (EWFR) was developed and became an industry-wide process agreed by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), UK Finances and the building Societies Associations (BSA).


An EWS1 Survey allows for the inspection of the external wall systems of a building to make sure that it does not pose a fire risk to the people that may live or work inside it. The survey will identify if any remedial work is needed, and the findings of the survey are confirmed using an EWS1 Form.


An LKP survey of EWS1 (September 2020) shows that 90% of cladding sites DO need remediation with 86% of these requiring urgent measures such as waking watch.


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