Our non-combustible spandrel panels can be provided to enhance the facades aesthetic appearance and its acoustic performance. They are constructed from A1 non combustible materials and can be easily fitted into most curtain walling, structural glazing and unitised systems.


Fire Performance
At Metalline, non-combustible cladding and fire resistance are of the utmost importance. Our Spandrel panels are constructed from A1 non-combustible materials. They have also been independently tested at Efectis achieving a 60/60 rating.


Our aluminium spandrel panels are available in a wide variety of finishes. Our anodised finishes, some of which are listed below:

  • Bronzes (light to dark)
  • Natural Silver
  • Black
  • Regency Gold I & II

A more natural effect can be achieved with II Blue-Grey and Stone-Grey colours from specialist Anolok anodising. The anodised finish means the A1 rating is achievable. We also have a full range of PPC finishes available which A2 fire rating can be achieved with.


Acoustic Performance
Spandrel panels can be specified to meet specific acoustic performance criteria. Using insulation cores tested by The Sound Research laboratory, Metalline can produce insulated spandrel panels for almost every environment. They have been successfully specified on buildings in high noise areas such as airports, city centres and industrial environments.


Thermal Performance
Building regulations set the standards and guidelines for the thermal insulation, which is required within wall construction. This applies to both new build and refurbishment projects, where the thermal insulation performance is expressed as a U value. For advice on how to meet specific U values to comply with thermal performance requirements, contact our technical team.


Environmental Performance
At Metalline all of our spandrel panels are environmentally conscious whilst also providing superb aesthetical features. We are proud to announce that Ultima aluminium insulated panels are helping buildings conform to the highest level of BREEAM ratings standards.


As a UK fabricator, we are committed to creating products that exceed current building regulations. Safety is at the heart of what we do. Robust details of our product performance can be given via the phone number below.


If you are interested in aluminium spandrel panels, then please contact us today on sales@metalline.co.uk or 01543 456 930.


Please note that our spandrel panels do not relate to timber party wall panels and gable panels. They are used for curtain walling systems and are constructed from insulation bonded between two aluminium sheets.