Our corten cladding effect is the perfect alternative to the rust like appearance of weathering steel (corten).


Corten Steel is created by combining a mixture of steels and alloys. It is this combination that creates its unique rusting properties as well as its distinctive appearance. As a result, Corten steel is commonly used in outdoor applications or environments where normal steel would be inclined to rust.


We can replicate the natural oxidised appearance of corten steel using our polyester powder coating process. The PPC finish can be applied to  our Unity rainscreen cladding panels and fire test rated Ultima aluminium insulated panels.


The deep copper and dark brown tones of the powder coated finish layered over a textured surface creates an almost identical resemblance to natural corten.


Our polyester powder coating range includes a wide selection of interesting colours and textures as well as our corten cladding effect, including plain oxide, tile, soft, natural stone and crystal patina.


Why use Aluminium?

The features of robustness and improved resistance to corrosion make Corten such a popular choice specification. However, the material is not suitable for direct fix installation and rail and bracket systems can be costly. 


Corten steel is also sensitive to humid subtropical climates, and in such environments, it is possible that its natural protective patina may not stabilize but instead continue to corrode.


By using our PPC Corten cladding effect on aluminium panels we can create a facade with increased strength and stability whilst resembling the desired striking visual effect.


Our corten cladding effect benefits from the design flexibility and overall versatility of aluminium which makes for an easy cost effective installation. By reducing the overall weight of the façade panels the whole of the support structure can also be engineered to be a much more cost effective system.


Architects and contractors have specified our products for a variety of projects. This is because we deliver top quality products with the highest level of service. Our gallery showcases many of products and projects that we have worked on over the years. 


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