J57S UP is an aluminium alloy used as the perfect base material for anodised ANOLOK anodising finishes. Developed from the original J57S, it sets a new standard for anodising quality.


Developed from the original J57S by aluminium manufacturer Novelis to purposely meet requirements set out in modern architecture, J57S UP sets a new standard for anodising quality.


The updated grade includes added corrosion resistance against weather, peeling and chipping. It is non-toxic, electrically insulating and highly recyclable which makes it better for the environment. The J57S UP grade aluminium sheet has been widely used to high success on several architectural developments all over the world. With its consistently high quality and flexible use, this premium aluminium alloy has been developed to provide many prestigious façade surfaces.


J57S UP has a specific chemical composition that enables it to achieve a distinctive metallic appearance once anodised. Higher levels of manganese and copper in the composition compared to standard aluminium alloys coupled with a sophisticated manufacturing process helps to maintain the highest possible quality.


Aluminium is a non-combustible product and so J57S UP benefits from having an A1 non-combustible rating. This means that it does not ignite and does not drip when exposed to fire. In addition to this, aluminium is a very good conductor of heat, meaning that when exposed to fire the heat is radiated away across the surface of the metal.


All of Metalline’s anodised products are now manufactured with J57S UP grade aluminium sheet to achieve the highest quality possible for our clients. We take pride in knowing that no matter what product you specify materials of superior longevity and superiority have been used. For any more information on Metalline’s products that use J57S UP grade aluminium sheet contact us today.