Our Bronze cladding effect can be achieved through two processes one method is anodising the other is through a specialist PPC coating.


These versatile processes enhance enable a wide spectrum of colours and textures to be applied to the aluminium. 

In addition to providing a contemporary finish to a facade, our bronze cladding effect benefits from incomparable corrosion and abrasion resistance.

Anodised finishes can be applied to our CWCT certified Unity rainscreen cladding panels and fire test rated Ultima aluminium insulated panels. The anodised finish also allows for an A1 fire rating.

Our Bronze cladding effect is available in a number of dark brown shades and finishes such as: 

Pale Umber 541 | Umber 543 | Dark Umber 545 | Bronze 547 | Dark Bronze 549

Bronze Cladding Effect at The Nexus Building


The University of Leeds new innovation centre: The Nexus building, features a striking two-tone bronze finish and the results are outstanding.

In the region of 400 square metres of bronze cladding was produced and installed alongside 3000 square metres of natural anodised panels.

Alongside the showstopping specialist anodised finish Metalline also supplied quantities of soffits.


Why use Aluminium?

The finish of our Anodised bronze cladding effect resembles a perfect substitute for natural bronze cladding panels.

When compared to bronze, Aluminium is much more cost effective. In addition to being more expensive per square metre, Bronze is also subjective to disease, core migration and deterioration which all add to the overall expense.

As well as being cost efficient, there are many other benefits to using aluminium over Bronze, such as:

  • Increased strength and stability
  • Ease of Installation
  • Lightweight
  • Design Flexibility


Why use an Anolok Anodising finish? 

  • Anolok anodising enriches the natural abilities of aluminium further, giving a strongly contemporary finish with incomparable corrosion endurance.
  • Multiple patterns can be incorporated to enhance the natural metallic appearance without affecting the total UV resistance of the aluminium cladding.

All of Metalline’s anodised products are now manufactured with J57S UP grade aluminium sheet to achieve the highest quality possible for our clients.  J57S UP is an aluminium alloy used as the perfect base material for anodised ANOLOK anodising finishes. We take pride in knowing that no matter what product you specify materials of superior longevity and superiority have been used.  

Architects and contractors have specified our products for a variety of projects. This is because we deliver top quality products with the highest level of service. Our gallery showcases many of products and projects that we have worked on over the years. We can also mimic other finishes such as stainless steel, patina, corten and natural stone.

For more information on Exterior Bronze Effect Cladding or any other of our finishes, then please contact us today on or 01543 456 930.