FX Rainscreen and Insulated Panels
Give your building the finish it deserves with our FX range
Posted: 23rd April 2018

A new range has been launched by top architectural fabrications manufacturer Metalline. The FX range of rainscreen and insulated panels was launched to the market place at the beginning of 2018, and has a lot to offer. The FX panels give clients the chance to add a visually striking 3D element to the façade. Metalline has…

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The Curve 10210
5 Reasons to use Aluminium Cladding
Posted: 13th March 2018

Just like any other industry, as time goes on, significant developments are being made in the architectural industry. As the industry grows, more and more demands are being made to create something stunning. While there are certainly plenty of different architectural methods around, a common material used amongst architects is aluminium cladding. Aluminium cladding allows…

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