New Unity A1 Floor to Floor Framing System

Posted: 26th May 2021

The Unity A1 F2F system has been designed to accommodate, flat, discrete-fix and hook-on Rainscreen Panels and is fully compliant with all types of A1 and A2 façade panels including aluminium, fibre cement and terracotta.

In accordance with the CWCT’s ‘Standard for Systemised Building Envelopes’, Metalline’s floor to floor framing and Unity Rainscreen Cladding systems have been subjected to wind resistance (serviceability and safety), water tightness (dynamic) and both soft and hard body impact testing.

Metalline’s Unity A1 F2F framing spans from floor slab to floor slab, reducing the requirement for multiple helping hand brackets and supporting top hats. This saves considerable time and money on installation costs, simplifies the design process, allows for greater adjustment and reduces the requirement for fixings and brackets by up to 90%.


The system also features a unique ball and socket design that allows for up to 30 degrees rotation to the front face of the rail. This feature is ideal for high-rise developments and the replacement of non-compliant cladding systems on buildings where the main structure is often out of plumb. The extra adjustability and precise alignment of replacement panels allows for a seamless finish and a flat crisp appearance to the building’s new compliant façade.

The Unity A1 F2F system is currently being used on multiple high-rise cladding replacement schemes within the UK. It is the perfect framing solution for such projects due to the range of adjustability offered by the unique ball and socket design. Also, the ability of the highly engineered system to span from floor slab to floor slab eliminates the need to fix back to lightweight framing or masonry infill which often has very limited pull-out strength.

Metalline’s Floor to Floor framing is part of their new Unity range of A1 fire rated non-combustible cladding systems. The recent testing to CWCT standards adds to the portfolio of assessments which have been conducted within the last 12 months, including BS8414-2:2020 full scale fire testing and multiple EN13501-1 tests. Metalline have also recently become a registered signatory of the Building a Safer Future Charter.


For more information on our Unity A1 F2F system and our other A1 fire rated non-combustible cladding systems, please click here.