Why you should only use non combustible cladding panels

Posted: 21st May 2018

Currently, the use of non combustible cladding is essential in modern high-rise buildings.  In light of the Grenfell Tower disaster, the question of safety in architectural designs grows. We are now more aware of potential risks of combustible materials.  Due to this, prevention methods are a key part of building wall panels and external wall facades. At Metalline, non-combustible cladding and fire resistance are of the utmost importance.  As a UK fabricator, we are committed to creating products that exceed current building regulations. Safety is at the heart of what we do.


What are non combustible cladding panels?

Non-combustible cladding panels are for use in mid to high rise buildings.  Designed to insulate buildings, they fit a variety of criteria. Each panel aims to slow and control the spread of fire at a greater rate than traditional panels.  Due to this, people can easily escape a building in the case of fire.


What are the key features of non combustible cladding panels?

Non-combustible cladding panels are designed to help prevent fire damage quickly and easily spreading as part of the system.  They perform to technical criteria, resist moisture and prevent environmental issues.  Metalline has a wide range of size and finishes for the purpose of fire safety to ensure that your designs do not have to be compromised.

Each of our non-combustible panels have a specific design to meet client requests. The use of non-combustible materials throughout our panel manufacture is something we discuss with clients to make sure we are offering the correct product. Panels are finished in a selection of finishes including a full range of anodised anolok and PPC finishes.

Metalline have a skilled workforce, dedicated to improving the safety of all of our buildings.  We seek to provide our clients with excellent craft and service that we believe they deserve. Alongside this, our products are of the highest quality.  We have a vast range available, along with our non-combustible cladding panels and other Ultima Aluminium Insulated Panels. We take pride having 25 years of experience on work across the nation.  This makes us the leading fabricators of specialist architectural Metalwork in the UK.

For more information about non-combustible cladding panels and for more details on our ranges please click here or contact us today.

The Curve 10120 non combustible cladding panels