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Why aluminium is the best façade material
Posted: 5th August 2019

A facade is considered the face of a building and is often seen as one of the most important design aspects, it not only protects the interior of a building from various climates, it is also the building’s main feature or frontage. Aluminium facades are commonly used on buildings all over the world, but why…

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secret fix rainscreen panels
What are Secret Fix Rainscreen Panels?
Posted: 21st April 2019

Secret fix Rainscreen Panels are a versatile carrier and panel fixed system suitable for exterior use, such as rainscreen cladding, or interior use like wall covering. The Secret Fix Rainscreen Panels come as aluminium, and have a range of thicknesses, making it a great universal carrier. To ensure the highest quality of the end result,…

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combustible cladding high rise
Combustible cladding on high rise buildings to be banned
Posted: 9th November 2018

It has recently been announced that combustible cladding systems are to be banned for all high rise buildings in England above 18 metres (60ft). This includes all new schools, residential buildings, hospitals, care homes and student accommodation. The policy applies to all buildings in that are currently under construction and are in the above criteria….

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en 13501
EN 13501 Fire-rated Cladding Product Classifications
Posted: 9th November 2018

What is the fire-rating classification EN 13501? The EN 13501 is a fire safety certification to which all construction products and building elements should be classified. The classification is recorded by collecting data from a variety of fire tests. EN 13501 Product Classification determines a products fire performance by assessing characteristics such as, flame spread,…

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What is Centre for Window and Cladding Technology (CWCT) Certification?
Posted: 17th September 2018

The Centre for Window and Cladding Technology (CWCT) is a publisher of industry standards and guidance on building envelopes. The CWCT ‘standard for systemised building envelopes’ gives a framework for specifying building envelopes incorporating various performance criteria as well as a ‘Specifiers Checklist’. Certain criteria is comprised under the supervision of the CWCT standards Committee,…

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Perforated Metal Façades Panels 4
Why Use Perforated Metal Façades?
Posted: 17th September 2018

Why do we use perforated cladding? A facade or rainscreen system is an exterior wall detail where the siding (wall cladding) stands off from the moisture-resistant surface of an air barrier applied to the sheathing (sheeting), creating a capillary break and to allow drainage and evaporation. Until recently this type of building support system has…

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polyester powder coated cladding
New polyester powder coated cladding finishes including Corten and Patina
Posted: 24th July 2018

A more visionary approach to external wall applications on offices and commercial buildings are leading architects and designers to source a wider selection of decorative finishes. In response to this, one of the UK’s leading fabricators of aluminium rainscreen cladding and facades Metalline, have added an exciting new collection of finishes to their PPC range….

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Kensington Aldridge Academy 9 interlocking rainscreen
What are interlocking rainscreen panels?
Posted: 21st June 2018

Interlocking wall planks consist of an interlocking metal cladding panel, accompanied with an appropriate secondary support system that may be used as part of an interlocking rainscreen system to protect a façade. The way in which these interlocking planks are connected is a simple interlocking male/female joint, which offers a ‘hairline’ appearance. Our Unity rainscreen…

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The Curve 10120 non combustible cladding panels
Why use non-combustible cladding panels
Posted: 21st May 2018

In the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster, the UK government has introduced an amendment to the Building Regulations which prohibits the use of combustible cladding in high-rise residential buildings above 18m. The amendment came into force on the 21 st December 2018 and requires materials anywhere in the external wall of high-rise buildings over…

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FX Rainscreen and Insulated Panels
Give your building the finish it deserves with our FX range
Posted: 23rd April 2018

A new range has been launched by top architectural fabrications manufacturer Metalline. The FX range of rainscreen and insulated panels was launched to the market place at the beginning of 2018, and has a lot to offer. The FX panels give clients the chance to add a visually striking 3D element to the façade. Metalline has…

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